Just be.

Have you ever felt like you didn't belong? Like there was something missing? As a child I always felt like an oddity even among the oddities! It's something that has frustrated me all my life. This feeling of not really belonging. A few years ago I decided to give it my best shot. I really worked hard to say and do the right things until I felt like I wasn't even sure who I was anymore. My husband kept telling me that when I reached my thirties everything would change. That something shifts ever so slightly and you stop caring about what everyone else thinks. I guess he was right because as I move into my thirties I do find that I am more willing to embrace the best and less gracious aspects of who I am. I feel more willing to allow others to see me as I am.

This is why I decided to use the tag line just be. In a climate where everyone feels the need to blend within the group I wanted to embrace those who stand a part. Whether this be the individual hidden within or the outrageous that beats to her own drum. It is the ultimate challenge as a woman to love ourselves thoroughly and with a maturity that embraces the fullness of all the many facets. Yes, I am wild and crazy, Yes, I jump headfirst, Yes, I speak my mind without thinking, Yes, I make mistakes, Yes, I have regrets, but that is me. Full of life and breath and without these I would no longer be me so I embrace them. And as I allow myself to embrace the things I wished for many years I could change I realize the best parts of me stand taller and prouder than before because Yes, I am compassionate, Yes, I love animals, Yes, I give to those in need, Yes, I stand up for what I believe in, Yes, I help others.... and the image shifts creating a full portrait of an individual I admire.

So just be is just that. be. Be full, fearless, bold, and unapologetic for all of the many dynamic qualities that make you, you and me, me. A celebration of those unwilling to change for they know that without the valleys the peaks would not be near as high.