The Weight of Metal

I can't help it, I love to fabricate my work with weight. I was pricing some new work recently and when I weighed this necklace was astounded to find that it weighed in at 58.6 grams. While I could recreate this piece for a lighter version.... I love the weight of it. I love to fabricate work that feels strong and durable.... pieces that will last.

I was speaking to a friend recently who too has this problem and it got me to thinking about why I create work that is so heavy and strong when I could fabricate the work much lighter with a lower selling point. I love strength.... it's so important to me in all aspects of my life. I love the strength of who I am as an individual and I love that the things I cherish will live through the chaos such as it is in my life. The things I love I use! I wear them, sit on them, drop them, use them...... they have to be things that will fit in my life as it is. I love the scratches and the dings that resemble the love I felt for them. I have never been one to purchase an item just so I could look at it. I want the things I love to be put to use in my life. This is why I cannot justify making work that is fragile no matter how much sense it makes from a business stand point..... Of course, that got me to thinking, perhaps those who purchase my work, love the weight too!


Sometimes you create something and for whatever reason you walk away from it. Sometimes it remains as one piece never to be thought of again.... and sometimes.... the piece calls you back.

The Twilight Collection has done just that. It kept nagging at the back of my mind until a friend finally convinced me it deserved a place in my permanent collection.

Twilight has always been my favorite time of day. The last streams of light falling silent and steadily, the shadows that deepen and the brightness of the street lamps just before night swallows us whole. In honor of my love for this hour when everything feels a bit more magical and all dreams become possible I decided to name this new collection, Twilight, as it too plays with light and dark balancing them both with an elegant edge.