My dear friend...

You are never given a wish without being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however. 

The path is upside down and backwards, crooked around the edges, uphill both ways, turning upon itself without reason...

It is with intention. 

You cannot rush what turns and changes each second. You cannot find shortcuts that do not exist. You cannot reach what is not physical...

You must accept. You must exhaust all reason. you must give in...

On your knees, with arms spread, with palms open, with complete abandon, you must...

It is not for examination, it just is. 

It will not be 

It will be as it will be. 


It will desire much...

So my darling, stop.
take it all in


It is in the quiet without force or frustration that the whispering can be heard. 

It is when you swallow your words that you begin to listen. 

It is then that your voice can be heard...

To my dearest friend.... you know who you are.

I have gone out, a possessed witch,

haunting the black air, braver at night;

dreaming evil, I have done my hitch

over the plain houses, light by light:

lonely thing, twelve-fingered, out of mind.

A woman like that is not a woman, quite.

- Anne Sexton

Yes, I have been her kind and I have not found a woman yet who has not found herself the possessed witch, the woman misunderstood, the woman, a survivor not afraid to die.

We carry this burden as we always have. We know ourselves and one another. We see what others turn away from, we stand when others kneel, we witness...

We fight and claw and bite so we will not have to kneel.

It is okay.

A woman like that is not a woman quite. At least not as they would understand it...

Yet we know... a woman like that is a woman quite... She is all woman... she is the very definition of...

We capture strength and we hold it steady and strong, we do not bend, we do not break, we do not...

That is what it is to be a woman.

It is okay.

As knowing is the part that binds.

It is the sisterhood.

It is...

Path of One...

When you are one who creates, you never rest. You strive...
always strive...
strive to be...
better than you are.

It haunts you in the seconds before you drift off to sleep, a melodic beating like a heartbeat pumping within.

The feeling of satisfaction is fleeting. A moment of pure joy before the critical eye awakens and begins the process of deconstruction.
Always the thought,
can I do better?

It is a virtue and a vice. The part you love and the part that breaks you down,

you know inside that if you were to be released, if you were to truly find that part that feels completion, the journey would end.

It is a craving that gnaws, a promise unfulfilled, a yearning, a begging on your hands and knees...
a desperation...


It is sweet. So damn sweet.

It is pain and it is kind...

And yes, oh so clever, this obsession.

It is the path of one who creates...

And then they inspire you...

It is a moment, A smile, A light in the darkness, Kindness from a stranger, A something given, unexpected, when you need it the most.

it is just a word.

And it is brilliant how it ignites, catches fire, burns through you. Illuminating shadows, Light spreads and you find that the shadows are nothing more but shadows after all. The fear created by the unknown vanishes. The truth sets you free.

We find brilliance in the most unexpected regions of our life.

Brilliance as Illumination.
Brilliance as genius.

You know it not by sight but feel.
It moves through you, the hair rises, the skin cools, you are awakened.

You open your eyes, you listen, you hear the meaning behind words as they unravel, not words, not syllables caught in a string, but a message.

The something more you greet as an old soul whispering into your captive ear.

It is a gift.