Anything is Possible......

I am one of those rare people who believe this to be true. I honestly believe it within myself and it is integral in who I am and how I live. I have found this to be a unique quality but one I plan to keep.

We as individuals create our own boundaries and with boundaries we create never ending limitations. Once the limitation is created; it is true. Deny the limitation and it is false. Think of how far you could go if you refused to create the limitation?

I am always surprised when I talk with other artists to find that they have already decided how far they could possibly go and what accomplishments they could achieve. They have created defined lines and in essence a box that they create within. The box is real because they believe it to be real. They have defined their path and how far they will go by defining the landscape and the palette in which they live.

The truth is anything is possible if you choose to believe it. Rarely did those who accomplished so much know that they would get there. They struggled like we did and worked themselves to the bone with hope and a dream. A dream of achieving more and of becoming more. They met with success because they first allowed the success to be a possibility in their lives. I have never met someone who is successful who honestly believed they could never succeed.

So this is my mantra and what has forced me to continue no matter how tired, frustrated, hopeless, and lost I feel. I believe that anything is possible and my belief makes this true.


Perfecting...... the booth

I've been working hard on my booth set-up for the art shows and festivals. This is the most recent booth that I used for the Virgina Highlands Summerfest show. I thought this booth looked much better in person but I still feel like something is missing.

It seems the more professional I make my booth the more it loses it's personality. I am thinking about adding some large scale photography in the background to give the booth a little more pop. Also I am contemplating changing the red fabric to the green that matches my logo. This is by far the most professional booth I have had to date and drew a nice crowd to look at my work.

I thought you might find the transition interesting to see as I work on perfecting the booth display. You can see last year's display several posts down.

Not Alone

I am so thankful for this man, my husband, Carlos. Yesterday I was so stressed and overwhelmed I felt like everything was completely out of control. I called my husband and he was there like he always is.

I am constantly amazed at the support and love he offers me. He reminds me that I am not alone and that the struggles and stresses do not have to be burdened only by me. He will help me, make me laugh and do anything he can to help me. Just knowing that he is always there makes life easier and each struggle somehow less of a struggle.

I know it's simple, but I love him..... he is my hero...