In The Moment

Something to Learn....

Earlier this year I realized that frantically moving from one thing to the next was beginning to take create a constant sense of disorientation. I decided to work on balance and thought nobody could teach this better than my three labs....

I must admit that the last few months I have gone a bit astray allowing all the many tasks to take over and fill my days. So as we move into fall I am thankful for the cool air that is beginning to greet me in the mornings and time to get back to the basic fruitfulness of life as it can be when it is not spent all day in the studio.

Every morning I take the pups for a walk on the trails in the Chattahoochee National Park but so often as they leap off the trails and chase the ducks fishing in the water I find my mind is off thinking about all of the many things I need to accomplish that day. Suddenly the walk is over and I realize that I had not spent that time as I intended...... just being.

So with all of the natural abundance and my need for constant inspiration I am looking to spend more time seeing what is in front of me with my own eyes and capturing the amazing elements in nature to inspire me as I move forward this year. As an Oregon girl I know that my natural compass points to the nearest tree and with the Theo's help, I should be able to stay on track this time.