Done and Done.

I looked at my calendar and realized something strange.... Something has changed since I first started Delias Studio, Inc. There are strange notations and blocks of time wiped out, there are odd numbers written in margins and odd acronyms like BMAC and check marks, tallies, and stars..... what does it all mean?

My understanding of the months and seasons has evolved to something from a science fiction mini-series. It seems that there is now a constant flow ..... get ready, go, get ready, go, get ready, go....... breathe...... get ready, go, get ready, go, and though my balance is on par with that of a adolescent great dane, all legs and no grace, I have somehow found a mesmerizing rhythm to this new concept of time.

So alas, last weekend was my last show for awhile and though the excitement was well, exciting! I am ready for the break. I am ready to get back in the studio and fabricate some of the ideas that have bouncing in my head. Of course, I do not have too much time as we all know November and December are right around the corner but for these precious few weeks I hope to play with some stones that have been sitting on my bench and work out some concepts that I have been drawing in my sketch book. This for me is the best time of the year, winter is coming and with it..... the time to design new work!


Alicia Istanbul said...

Beautiful ring!

Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Great job on the ring! I love it!