Be Amazing....

Amazing.... my favorite word.

Be Amazing. Even better. There is a special place in my heart for those who reach out across the plains of the universe and take hold of that which is greater than themselves. They take risks so dangerous that many on the sidelines gasp! This is life. This day is the only day like it. You can not re-live it, you cannot take it back and you can not change this day. It is what it is.... but yes, tomorrow is a new day.... and tomorrow can be anything you want it to be.

Take pleasure in this day. Fill it up like a cardboard box with anything you like and imagine that you are the star of the show, the queen of the night, and the hero in your own happy ending. I find that those who shoot for the snow covered caps reach heights far beyond they ever imagined even if they do not reach the stars. This is the brilliance that only you can offer and only you can bring....

There is something so special about the New Year! It is a chance to be anything you want to be.... to imagine the wonderous possibilities. Take ownership of this year! It is the most amazing gift I can offer for when you own it, you control it. You can determine the course of this year and where it will take you.

So though many of us have felt the cold set grip of fear this last year I beg each of you to release it. Let it go and capture something true to who you are. Realize that your deepest and darkest fear..... aknowledge it's strength and it's ability to change the course of your life.... then realize it as a change in direction and not the end of a universe. Let go of that which holds you in bonds and remember that being safe rarely brings the pleasure of an unexpected adventure.

There is no place you cannot go, no person you cannot be, no dream you cannot imagine..... you may have to work for it....... but it is there waiting for you to realize it.

Xo and Happy Twenty Ten!
From the one that believes in you!