Each day we arrive...

"Let go of of the idea that the path will lead you to your goal. The truth is that with each step we take, we arrive."

There is freedom in this passage that I am discovering more each day it crosses my mind.

The years of my life have held me captive in such a way that freedom feels earned and like a badge of courage meant to be displayed proudly. A sense of being is discovered at some point for all. An acceptance of our truth in this world and when we find this- our soul becomes balanced in a way that we can only describe in words.

I have stumbled in the dark trying to put the pieces together, spent hours struggling over the minutia of each small detail, and stayed up watching the minutes pass on the clock as I consider what I must do next to propel myself forward. There is an idea captured in my head of all the things I wish to achieve and I have dissected each unique piece and drawn a map of such intricate detail that one would need a compass not to get lost along it's borders. Yes, I do it too!!!! And yes, I know you have too!!!!

We are not alone on this quest and the further down this path I travel I find that we all, yes - all, have this part of ourselves that is lost and searching for defined instructions in this life. We all have dreams and hopes, ideas of why we are put here and what we are meant to do. We all struggle to stay on the path and we all expect that someday we will arrive to that golden moment where we have achieved those merits for which we have been searching.

And yet this idea is so simple that it should be celebrated each day..... There is no end to this path. No defined moment where we put our paper and ink away, turn off the torch, store the wheel.... the idea of this day is a mirage. There is only each step we take and each step we have taken and in each day we are exactly where we are. Realizing that we have arrived in this moment and that no moment before it and no moment after will ever be quite like this one gives us the freedom to experience the moment for what it is,  for we have struggled many steps previous to arrive at this one. I love this idea and the freedom it offers me is inspiring and allows me to understand the true tragedy of always moving forward with back hunched and eyes cast upward towards the top of the mountain. There is no top. There is no summit. For as we all know the goal evolves as we move forward.