And then they inspire you...

It is a moment, A smile, A light in the darkness, Kindness from a stranger, A something given, unexpected, when you need it the most.

it is just a word.

And it is brilliant how it ignites, catches fire, burns through you. Illuminating shadows, Light spreads and you find that the shadows are nothing more but shadows after all. The fear created by the unknown vanishes. The truth sets you free.

We find brilliance in the most unexpected regions of our life.

Brilliance as Illumination.
Brilliance as genius.

You know it not by sight but feel.
It moves through you, the hair rises, the skin cools, you are awakened.

You open your eyes, you listen, you hear the meaning behind words as they unravel, not words, not syllables caught in a string, but a message.

The something more you greet as an old soul whispering into your captive ear.

It is a gift.


Anonymous said...

Love this post, Delias. They are truly the most precious of gifts.

...and your pendant...*wow*...simply breathtaking!