When Passion and Defiance Collide...

It is insidious.

It creeps along as a faithful companion offering solace in a hand held stretched out obscuring that which is kept hidden. With cunning it stands beside us disguising deceit as friendship.

Revelation comes hard as we find ourselves exposed too long. The erosion so slight it continues unnoticed as it seeps poison with patient precision.

It is an artist defined, standing on the brilliance of past achievements, the journey complete, passion left to decay.

Ultimately brilliance fades and the work grows stale. It is an artist with nothing new to offer. The memory of faded glory is all that remains.

It is an indulgence we all oblige, the tendency to find ourselves embracing a formula as we create. It begins innocently yet left unattended becomes the very thing we fight against, a factory endlessly producing genericism in mass.

Continue the challenge, embrace the purity that comes as you explore, push yourself aways....

Evolution stems from the collision of passion and defiance.


It is with passion and defiance that I refuse limitations always searching for the next seed of inspiration.