Evolution Revolution...


And so finally, a studio.

The time came and went without fulfillment. A need building until the pressure became too much to ignore. A certainty that that must manifest physically before the journey could continue.

And finally it is.

It is all that I imagined and more and I know it will form the boundaries needed for true evolution.

A space dedicated to one purpose, a space to create.

I am in awe and so thankful to have these four walls and this small space in which to create and explore.

I feel the need to continue the journey and exploration without distraction.

It is a home for the part of my life that has consumed me. A space that can offer the boundaries needed to separate the individual from the task, the identity from the all encompassing, the is from the group.

A reminder that I am but I am also so much more...

A Book Well Used...

It's always been a habit of mine to sketch ideas when inspiration forms... I like to capture as much as I can relegating judgement and criticism for later. Ideas are precious and sketching them in pencil on paper quiets my inner fear that someday perhaps there may be no new ideas left.

I have sketch books stacked one on top of the other and I find in moments when inspiration hides from me that they extend the sweet invitation to put them to use. Flipping through the pages in search of an idea worth fabricating propels the wheels of my mind forward and often inspiration follows once again.

Recently as I have had more time to craft the pieces that inspire and move me I found that trying to find the right page in the right book a hinderance. A purchase many months ago found its way into my hands; a beautiful leather bound book originally thought too special to actually use. I was inspired to take my best ideas and paste them in one book that I could keep at my fingertips. Expanding on this idea I added small notes, inspirational photos and mementos. I love it and it has already been put to good use.

More Than I Am...

An Artist's Prayer.

Recently I have spent a lot of time pushing myself to be better than I am...

I yearn to fabricate the pieces I love.

The pieces that feed my soul, illuminate my inner pride and connect the many pieces of me leaving me whole.

I want to craft the pieces that mean more. The pieces that become a part of you, that you purchase not merely for their beauty but because they speak to you.

I want to be something more than I am.

I strive to be, better than I am.

I want to be worthy of all those who surround me in their brilliance.

I want to be moved by those I love and those I look up to and perhaps find in the end...

that they are moved by me too.