Taking Pause....

It's that time of year when one finds themselves thinking about the final tasks and new goals. I love New Year's only because it reminds me to take pause. Every year I choose a new word to represent what I want to embody as I move forward. I chose the word grateful to represent 2008 because I find myself often rushing through to put out fires and climb new ladders rarely remembering to find joy in the small accomplishments. My goal in using the word grateful was to encourage myself to give just as much devotion to the things in my life that are set right as those left askew. What is the point of this strange and lucid journey if we cannot remember to be grateful for the journey itself?

I have been thinking about the word I would like for the upcoming year and I keep coming back to the word balance. Now is the time to find balance within my life and to balance the wants and desires a long side the needs of my family and time required for solitude. There is a yearning in my mind now that was not always there to enjoy each moment as it unfolds and to be in the moment before it passes. It seems a simple task but as I find myself moving through my day my mind seems to wander to all the things that need to be completed next and the day ends with me now quite knowing where the time went only to start again the following morning.

Balance is what my soul desires now.