Wow, what an amazing year 2008 was. I have high hopes for 2009 and I'm positive that it will bring many new challenges. I've already been working on so many new things to get geared up that I can hardly bare waiting.... giggles!

I thought it might be fun to share a few interesting things about my 2008 in perspective.

Most Played Songs on my IPOD
1. Society - Eddie Vedder
2. One of the Brightest Stars - James Blunt
3. Listen - Dreamgirls
4. Only the Good Die Young - Billy Joel
5. No Bravery - James Blunt
6. Foundations - Kate Nash
7. Stay On the Ride - Patty Griffin
8. Big Love - Fleetwood Mac
9. Crazy - James Michael Mix - Alanis Morissette
10. Benny and the Jets - Elton John

Top 5 Books of the Year:
1. Child 44- Tom Rob Smith
2. Factory Girls -Leslie T. Chang
3. Illusions - Richard Bach (I read this one every year).
4. Wicked- Gregory Maguire
5. The Bookseller of Kabul- Asne Seierstad

2008 New Years Resolutions
1. Approach galleries with my work
2. Build booth for shows and festivals
3. Add two new galleries
4. Spend more time with family
5. Learn to cook

Did I accomplish these things?
Yes, I did begin approaching galleries with my work and an happy to reveal I added six new galleries this year. I added a few new recipes to the short list of things I cook and started off 2008 strong but could have done much better if I had stuck with it. I failed miserably at spending more time with family. Seems there just are not enough hours in the day....

2009 New Years Resolutions
1. Cook a new meal at least 3 nights a week with my husband with the television off, computers put away, and a good bottle of pinot.
2. Spend more quality time with my husband
3. Live in the Moment!
4. Eat more fruits and vegetables
5. Budget finances and live within a budget

Interesting... Last year all of my goals revolved around my business and this year all of my goals revolve around my family. I think I am searching for balance between the two.