Really, 32?

I recently had the pleasure of celebrating my 32nd birthday and I keep thinking to myself, really, 32? It's hard to imagine! Of course, the best part of turning a year older is that it means my sister is as well! The slight twinge of disappointment is always traded in for the sheer glee of giving her a harder time still.

I often look at the years as a massive map with drawn out plans for my life. Though my life rarely follows the step by step instructions I have written, it helps me to realize where I am , where I thought I would be, and where I fell short. I know it is a bit neurotic and I am trying really hard to do away with this type of thinking all together but it is a bit compulsive very much like I am.

So it is up to Theo, Kai, and Maya to remind me to celebrate my youth (however fleeting)! There is always time for a long walk in the woods, a game of fetch, an extra cookie! So here is to 32, and really, it doesn't feel that different than 31!


Waterstone Jewelry said...

Happy Birthday! Beautiful picture; they're adorable.

leah said...

your labs are adorable. I love all your work... I found you on etsy with your bangles. Are you selling just the bracelets and no rings still? Or is it just a package deal?

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

I came to your blog by way of Etsy, looking at things under "black Labs". I am a mixed media artist and I have a 21 month old black Lab, named Indiana Jones, Indy for short.

This photo caught my eye because the dog on the far right looks like he could be Indy's brother.

Your boys are gorgeous! I am ruined for life for any other dogs after Indy. He's such a sweet and gentle spirit and has the most expressive and soulful eyes. My husband gave him to me after I was diagnosed with MS in March 2008. Indy's the best gift I was ever given. What are the names of your boys?

Anyway, just wanted to wave help from my little corner of the world. Everybody loves a Lab!