Telling a Story

Last year I went to an emerging artist program for the Buyers Market of American Craft. One of the speakers emphasized the importance artists needed to place on telling a story. I spent a lot of time thinking about this and when given the opportunity to walk the floor I saw an artist who did it in such a way that though I did not need what he was selling, I wanted one. I wanted to be a part of his story and his vision. It was igniting and I felt like I grasped what they meant.

Since coming home, i have spent a lot of time thinking about my story. Allowing the random thoughts that jumble around in my head to be sorted into cohesive sentences and thoughts. It has really helped me to strengthen my vision and has stimulated an understanding of my collection that I had not realized previously.

After developing the story for each of my lines I couldn't contain my enthusiasm in sharing it with others. I told the story to each retail gallery and became fascinated with the changes in their facial expressions as they too became caught up in the idea behind the collection. Once I gave the collections an idea and allowed everyone to share in it's roots I was able to allow them to connect on a level usually only experienced by the artist. Previously only I was allowed to experience both the tangible and intangible merits of each piece and only I was able to enjoy the spiritual side of what I had created. By sharing the story with them I felt it truly gave meaning to the concept of art jewelry for now they could appreciate both fully.

So though they call this process, telling a story, I think it is better described as sharing the story.


Grammatically Delicious Designs said...

Amazing. I love your work and your love of labs. I have two yellow labs of my own and four kids, a cat and a husband. Should I downsize. At almost 37, I too am thinking about the person I want to be. I know she is in there. For now, the real me teaches everyday and upcycles whenever possible.


Delias Thompson said...

Hi Danielle,
Your work is just lovely! I think it takes a special person to teach.... not sure I am capable! Two yellow labs = 4 children so you have your hands full!