Website Again....

Many Hats....

I used to hear this term all the time before I started Delias Studio.... I didn't think much about it until suddenly I found myself trying to specialize in all aspects of the business. There are some things I will always pay for ( a good accountant) but there are others that will stretch me too thin.

I have been wanting to develop my own website for awhile. I have been using creative pixels to host my site but it limited and it has served it's purpose but I have been anxious to get something a little nicer up. I want to keep it simple and clean but interesting and dynamic. I have spent hours trying to develop some skills in order to do this and have always fallen short but this weekend I did some research and found a program that even I could use. I built this using Freeway... and I think I am quite happy with the results. It's still fairly simple but much nicer than my current site and has a little style and edge to it. This is the homepage and I am going to continue developing the rest of the site but it took me most of day to get this page together.

So what do you think? Should I keep moving forward with this concept or should I save my pennies for a webmaster?


Nathalie - Canadian Rockies Art said...

Wow! I really think you should move forward. It's definitely edgy and I think you're doing a fabulous job by yourself.

I can't wait to see it up online!


Janice said...

I like it - keep going!

The only thing that struck me a bit 'off' was the navigation buttons - I don't know why. I've been trying to figure it out - maybe they seem 'static' or too geometrical compared to the overall feel of your site. Too 'bold' or something. I wonder if you could round the edges or even us a graphic like your 'leaf' that is in the upper right?


kerin rose said...

oh, I do like this Delias....keep working it!

Delias Thompson said...

Thanks Janice,
I will keep playing with it.... It takes so much time!

Thank you everyone for your feedback. Hopefully I will get finished soon!