About a year ago I logged into my website comments section to find this post: "I don't think your work is very creative. It all looks the same."

Well, my first reaction was, "screw off...." then it hurt my feelings.... and then believe it or not .... I let this fool get under my skin. BUT. let me say this was a good thing. I took a good long look at my line and I thought well.... maybe this person has a point. I have some redundancy. So I removed some items from my line, cut some other lines down, introduced some new lines and then threw out all of the collections and built just the one; Edge Collection. And then yes, I added the Pebble Collection. I think perhaps the intention of this person was not from the very best place but I am not in need of a yes man or woman and I thought the critique valid after some consideration. It really helped me to look at my line with a critical eye and to take the salt out of a slight and use it for good.

I must admit though.... there are some elements I just love and I will come back to them again and again. I love little granules. I love texture. I love darkened metal. I love these things and grouped together they are what I create. I become obsessed with certain stones and looks.... have you noticed my recent obsession with Montana Agate? Can't get enough of it and want to play with it and set it and make pretty things with it and I don't care if not everyone loves it because the colors make me think of Fall and feed my soul and make me want to make homemade soup! Giggles!

So when you feel the breath knocked out of you from time to time.... learn when to take a good hard look and learn when to smile and do it anyway!



NEDbeads said...

What a story, Delias!! And what a good way to make use of the lemons we get thrown!!! I would have had a bone to pick with your naysayer, as I see wonderful amounts of unique creativity in your work...but I am so happy that you were able to right the wrong and use it for yourself!! I am going to keep this in mind for the next time I get winged, myself!!!

Anonymous said...

that's a horrible thing to say - i think your jewelry is beautiful and i look at a lot of jewelry!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Yeah, sometimes the hurtful things are just catalysts for our growth: I had a blatant copier a year ago with my leather and it made me push past all of my designs into new, uncharted territory.

So lovely to know we can glean gems from poop ;)