First Ever Delias Thompson Gallery Love Giveaway Contest!!!!

Announcing the First Ever Delias Thompson Gallery Love Contest!

Delias Thompson's jewelry is now offered at 37 retail locations across the country. These are amazing places where you can find creative and one of a kind gifts and treasures. Have you been to one of the galleries or gift shops and explored the beautiful handcrafted items?

Well the Gallery Love Contest will require you to dust off your shoes and do some exploring. Here's what you need to do:
Go to and check out the gallery locator page.
Choose a retail location near you
Go visit and snap a digital photo of the OUTSIDE store front of the retail location. (Please take the photo outside the retail location, most retailers will not allow photography inside).
E-Mail the photo to

On September 30th Delias will randomly choose one of the e-mail recipients as a winner!!!!

Here's what you get!

The winner will receive a Sterling Silver Pebble Ring in their choice of gemstone (topaz, citrine, garnet, peridot, amethyst) and in their requested size Packaged up and mailed to their front door!

Can't get any better than this! Have fun and remember to take photos OUTSIDE the retail establishment. Funny photos may end up on my blog!!!!



Patty S. said...

Alas, no store near Kansas City, but good luck to everyone else! I love these rings!

Anonymous said...

Sad - no stores in Washington! :0(

Delias Thompson said...

Oh goodness, * hint * there will be another contest next month that will be open to everyone regardless of location.

I am expanding as quickly as I can :). Sorry no locations near you!