It's time for September's “Talk About” Blog ~ with the Handmade Division Team….

September’s topic:

"Where do you draw your creative inspiration from"
This question is always the hardest one for me to answer because in truth I am inspired by everything. A passage from a good book, a walk in the woods with the pups, lyrics from a song, the hard lines of the skyscrapers that meet the Atlanta skyline and even the materials themselves. I find that all of these elements combine and accumulate in my head and come out in my work. It is really my view of what I see, touch, feel, and hear around me that identifies my work as mine. 
In truth though I am not one to follow a pre-determined path. I do use a sketch book and draw up designs but when fabricating them I allow myself the freedom to move away from the original inspiration and explore opportunities as I put things together. I enjoy having freedom at the bench. I believe that the metal itself has a voice and I try to work within it and capture all of the elements for each piece as a balanced whole. 
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Anonymous said...

too True Delias! I think we all agree :)

Jan said...

Hi Delias... I love the way you describe how you work.

I agree with you...EVERYTHING inspires us! If not on a conscious level, then unconsciously. It all circulates through our individual filters and evolves through our hands
to become our statement.

Great post! :)

Thomasin Durgin said...

Yes, there is inspiration everywhere, great post.

nanotopia said...

life = inspiration.

nice post.

Marcie Abney said...

It's the weirdest thing...I've been to both Guatemala and Athens. Such favorite part of Guate was by far the Pyramid of the Jaguar. Love your work.