It's All About Texture

A friend of mine loaned me her rolling mill a few months ago and believe it or not I've barely used it! I decided that this year I really wanted to experiment with creating texture using the rolling mill. I have always added a lot of texture to my work but have rarely used the rolling mill to do so. In my quest to find ways to fabricate beautiful jewelry but also to increase production so I can expand my business I find that this has been a real mistake. This is one of the first pieces I fabricated using the rolling mill to add texture. I crumpled up an old paper Starbucks bag and rolled the metal through with it. You can actually see some of the creases in the metal from the paper. It's interesting to me how an old crumpled up paper bag can add so much visual stimulation to what would otherwise be a boring ring. It really completes this particular piece. My studio mate, MG, is going to bring me a whole slew of different papers and I can't wait to play with them. I think I will create a sample board with the papers and a small metal chip so I will know how to acchieve what I want in the future.