The Way to My heart...

Some of you may already know that I adopted three black labs this year; Kai, Maya, and Theo. They have brought me so much joy and have taught me how to laugh at life. I am forever grateful to have them as part of my family and an integral part of my life. I found Erika's shop, Blomma, a few months ago and fell in love with her Labrador greeting cards. She has a way of capturing the essence of a Labrador's playfulness and bringing it to life.

Today a special package arrived in the mail. Inside was a lovely thank you note from Erika and a beautiful Christmas ornament her father hand carved. I am so touched at the thoughtfulness of her gift. This piece will adorn my Christmas tree for many years to come. Thank you Erika and thank your father from one lab lover to another. Tomorrow I will walk the dogs extra long in your honor.

Erika owns an Etsy shop called Blomma. You can view an assortment of contemporary paper goods by clicking on her name.

Her father who hand carved the Christmas ornament can be found at Ctawoodart